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One of ALMTech’s key outcomes is to demonstrate to industry the viability of using dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) in objective carcase measurement. Gundagai Meat Processors (GMP) are among the first Australian processors to trial and adopt DEXA to provide a timely, accurate, transparent and objective measurement of the lean, fat and bone composition of each of their lamb carcases.

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Angus Australia highlights home grown beef science at ICoMST2018

Angus Breeders are well placed to take early advantage of new technologies to assess carcase quality through Angus Australia’s collaboration with research and development groups such as the University of New England, Murdoch University and the ALMTech program.

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The Sheep CRC will leave a legacy of meat processing innovation 

As part of the CRC legacy strategy, the Supply Chain Group transitioned to 50:50 Sheep CRC-ALMTech funding in 2017-18, then to 25:75 this year, and will be fully funded by ALMTech after the Sheep CRC concludes in 2019. This funding is supplemented by contributions from the collaborating partners.

Objective carcase grading: What’s coming down the technology super-highway?

Real-time, objective measurement of profitable carcase traits that determine elements of meat yield and eating quality are getting closer to being delivered commercially by modern scanning and digital imaging technology. Here’s a quick snapshot of where the process is up to…

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