About ALMTech

The ALMTech, Advanced Measurement Technologies for Globally Competitive Australian Meat, will enable beef, sheep and pig farmers to have access to more accurate descriptions of the key attributes that influence the value of their livestock: 

Carcass Lean Meat Yield

Eating Quality

Compliance to Market Specifications

This will be delivered through ALMTech in synergy with abattoir automation where appropriate

Enhanced feedback systems will provide producers with new information to improve decisions on breeding and compliance to market specifications.

Capitalize on the cooperation of industry stakeholders to maximize effective decision making, reduce risk and optimize profit for all partners.

Developing and improving these technologies and systems will increase competitiveness, and profitability in the meat value chain.

Meat processing partners will have new tools and data to improve processing efficiency and improve their capacity to allocate product to the most valuable market end-point thereby increasing the wealth of the value chain participants.