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By 2040, ALMTech will have generated as much as $510 million extra for the beef, lamb & pork industries in Australia

The ALMTech project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water & the Environment as part of its Rural R&D for Profit programme in partnership with R&D Corporations, Commercial Companies, State Departments & Universities

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Accurate, objective measurements of meat quality and quantity will enhance the beef, lamb and pork industries’ ability to respond to market demands, while minimising value-chain wastage. In the Australian beef industry, wastage costs an estimated $130 million/year from producers supplying cattle not meeting customer requirements, with similar inefficiencies in lamb and pork. This lack of objective measurements and feedback impedes transparency of trading and erodes trust across the livestock value chain. 

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​The Advanced Livestock Measurement Technologies (ALMTech) project rationale is to realise significant productivity and profitability improvements for the Australian red meat industry, via the following objectives:

  • Provide beef, lamb and pork producers with access to more accurate descriptions of the attributes that influence the value of livestock: carcase lean meat yield (LMY), eating quality (EQ), and compliance to market specifications, delivered via advanced measurement technologies, in synergy with abattoir automation where appropriate

  • Develop an early-stage equipment prototype to objectively determine offal condemnation

  • Enhance feedback systems to provide producers with new information to improve decisions on breeding and compliance to market specifications

  • Deliver new tools and data to processors to improve processing efficiency, optimise capacity to allocate product to the most valuable market-endpoint, and provide feedback to producers to increase genetic gain and improve livestock management

  • Capitalise on the co-operation of industry stakeholders to maximise effective decision making, reduce risk and optimise profit for all partners

  • Develop and improve these technologies and systems to increase competitiveness and profitability in Australian red meat value chains

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