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Our Collaborators

ALMTech I  (June 2016—July 2020). The inaugural 4-year project generated enormous momentum for objective carcase measurement by developing new technologies for measuring LMY and EQ. These technologies were developed to be robust, deployed pre- or post-chill, and capable of operating at the fastest chain speeds. On-farm, the cost of technology was a crucial consideration, given that farms generally do not achieve the same economies-of-scale as abattoirs. 

  • We collaborated with supply chains, resulting in direct implementation of technologies at the completion of experiments, with Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) being a case-in-point

  • We integrated resulting data flow into existing industry data platforms, including Meat & Livestock Australia’s Livestock Data Link (LDL), as well as other proprietary feedback systems

  • We linked to genetic databases and developed new/enhanced genetic tools stemming from the new measurements

  • We developed data-to-decision packages to help industry use the new technologies

  • We focused on automation, given the potential dual roles for many of the sensing technologies, and to facilitate the compatibility of technologies to existing infrastructure

Cow and Piglet

ALMTech I collaborators

ALMTech II (July 2019—June 2022). This 3-year spin-off project, whose first year ran concurrently with the final year of ALMTech I, goes a step further in transforming the global competitiveness of Australia’s red meat value chains. ALMTech II attracted even greater industry commitment than ALMTech I—in terms of number and breadth of partners, and both in-kind and cash contributions—including several new commercial participants from the feedlot, processing and retail sectors, illustrating ALMTech’s alignment with stakeholder needs. Additionally, the relevant industry Peak Councils have positively engaged with us and provided formal endorsement for ALMTech II.

ALMTech II focuses on commercialising successful technologies that predict LMY and EQ, genetic tools, feedback and decision support systems that use data stemming from these technologies—meanwhile supporting the creation and adoption of calibration systems for these new technologies.

Cow Eye

ALMTech II collaborators

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