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2021 P4 Journal

Mazoudier P F, Campbell M A, Guy S Z Y, Henry M L E

Quantifying disease and defect carcase losses at processing to improve feedback in the lamb supply chain: An arthritis case study

Accepted as a 6-page journal publication in Animal Production Science, for the 2021 AAAS.

J. Marimuthu, Kate M.W. Loudon and G.E. Gardner

Ultrawide band microwave system as a non-invasive technology to predict beef carcase fat depth

Meat Science (Under internal review)

J. Marimuthu, Kate M.W. Loudon and G.E. Gardner

Prediction of lamb carcass C-site fat depth and GR tissue depth using a non-invasive portable microwave system

Meat Science (Submitted)

Calnan, H. Williams, J. Peterse, S. Starling, J. Cook, S. Connaughton, G.E. Gardner.

A novel dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) system can rapidly scan beef carcases for prediction of CT composition.

Meat Science.  

Calnan, H. Williams, J. Peterse, S. Starling, J. Cook, S. Connaughton, G.E. Gardner.

A novel dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) system can rapidly scan beef carcases for prediction of CT composition.

Meat Science.  

GE Gardner; C. Smith; F. Anderson; A. Williams

Using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry to estimate commercial cut weights at abattoir chain-speed

Meat Science (Submitted)

F. Anderson, C. Payne, L. Pannier, D.W. Pethick, G.E. Gardner

The potential for dual energy x-ray absorptiometry to predict lamb eating quality.

Meat Science submitted

Alempijevic A., Vidal-Calleja T., Falque R., Quin P., Toohey E., Walmsley B., McPhee M.

Lean Meat Yield estimation using 3D Imaging

Meat Science, pp 1-25, 2020

Annovazzi-Jakab, L., King, I., Hocquette, J.-F., Farmer, L., Wierzbicki, J., Denoyelle , C., Scollan, N., Calnan, H., Polkinghorne, R., Birse, N.,  Gardner, G., M. Ellies (2020).

Qualité de la viande pour un avenir durable. Viandes et produits carnés,

La revue française de la recherche en viandes et produits carnés  ISSN  2555-8560

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David Pethick, Graham Gardner, Isabelle Legrand, Jean-Francois Hocquette, Jerzy Wierzbicki, Marie-Pierre Ellies-Oury1, Rod J. Polkinghorne

Research in Beef Tenderness and Palatability in The Era Of Big Data

Meat and Muscle Biology; 2020; Vol 4(2);

Connaughton, S., Williams, A., Anderson, F., Kelman, K., & Gardner, G. (2020).

Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry precisely and accurately predicts lamb carcass composition at abattoir chain
speed across a range of phenotypic and genotypic variables.

Animal, 1-9.

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Maleki B., Alempijevic A. and Vidal-Calleja T. 

Continuous Optimization Framework for Depth Sensor Viewpoint Selection

in Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics XIII, pp 357-372, 2020

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Wu L., Falque R., Perez-Puchalt V., Liu L., Pietroni N. and Vidal-Calleja T.

Skeleton-Based Conditionally Independent Gaussian Process Implicit Surfaces for Fusion in Sparse to Dense 3D Reconstruction

in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 1532-1539, 2020,

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Hocquette, J. F., et al. (2020).

"Research in Beef Tenderness and Palatability in the Era of Big Data."

Meat and Muscle Biology 4(2)(5): 1-13.

Journal Under Review

S.M. Stewart, G.E. Gardner, P. McGilchrist, D.W. Pethick, R. Polkinghorne, J.M. Thompson and G. Tarr

Prediction of consumer palatability in beef using visual marbling scores and chemical intramuscular fat percentage

Meat Science (submitted)

Journal Under Review

S.M Stewart, D.W. Pethick, G.E. Gardner, A. Williams, P. McGilchrist and K. Kuchida (2020)

Association between visual marbling score and chemical intramuscular fat with marbling percentage determined by image analysis in Australian beef carcasses

Meat Science (Submitted)

Journal Under Review

S.M Stewart, T. Lauridsen, H. Toft, D.W. Pethick, G.E. Gardner, P. McGilchrist and M. Christensen (2020)

Objective grading of eye muscle area, intramuscular fat and marbling in Australian beef and lamb

Meat Science (Submitted)

Journal Under review

Tharcilla I.R.C. Alvarenga1, David L. Hopkins2, Stephen Morris3, Peter McGilchrist4 and Stephanie M. Fowler2

Intramuscular fat prediction of the semimembranosus muscle in hot lamb carcasses using NIR

Meat Science (Submitted)  

Palendeng, Mario E; Alvarenga, Tharcilla I R C; Fowler, Stephanie; Hopkins, David L; McGilchrist, Peter; Thennadil, Suresh N

Estimation of Chronological Age of Cattle using Spatially Resolved Diffuse Reflectance Measurements of Hide

IEEE Sensors Journal, 20(15), p. 8673-8682, issn:1836-5787

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Payne, C.E., Pannier, L., Anderson, F., Pethick, D.W., & Gardner, G.E. (2020).

Lamb age has little impact on eating quality. In: Special Edition “Consumer Preferences and Acceptance of Meat Products”.

Foods, 9(2), 187

Under internal review

Stewart, S.M., Guy, S.Z.Y., Brown, D.J., Pethick, D.W., Gardner, G.E. and McGilchrist, P. (2020)

Prediction of chemical intramuscular fat using visual marbling grading in lamb.

Meat Science. (Under internal review)

Journal Under review

Walkom, S.F., Gardner, G.E., Anderson, F., Williams, A. and Brown, D.J. (2020)

Capturing lean distribution in lamb carcases of more value to the processor than the breeder.

Meat Science.

W.S. Pitchford, C.M. Trotta, M.L. Hebart, S.M. Miller and D.L. Rutley.

Yield measurement is valuable for pricing beef carcasses.

Animal Production Science. Submitted (accepted)

Paul L Greenwood, Graham E Gardner, and Drewe M Ferguson

Current situation and future prospects for the Australian beef

industry — A review

Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2018 Jul; 31(7): 992–1006.

Published online 2018 Apr 12. doi: 10.5713/ajas.18.0090

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Rahman S., Quin P., Walsh T., Vidal-Calleja T., McPhee M. J., Toohey E., Alempijevic A.

Preliminary estimation of fat depth in the lamb short loin using a hyperspectral camera

Animal Production Science 58, 1488-1496, 2018

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G.E. Gardner, S. Starling, J. Charnley, J. Hocking-Edwards, J. Peterse, A. Williams

Calibration of an on-line dual energy X-ray absorptiometer for estimating carcase composition in lamb at abattoir chain-speed

Meat Science Volume 144, October 2018, Pages 91-99

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F. Anderson, J. Cook, A. Williams, G.E. Gardner

Computed tomography has improved precision for prediction of intramuscular fat percent in the M. longissimus thoracis et lumborum in cattle compared to manual grading

Meat Science, Volume 145, November 2018, Pages 425-430

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Guy, S Z Y; Brown, D J; Banks, R G

Data capture through Australian beef cattle and meat sheep value chains: opportunities for enhanced feedback to commercial producers

Animal Production Science, 58(8), p. 1497-1503, issn:1836-0939 10.1071/AN17807

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