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Program 4
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Program 4

Industry Databases

Newly-available data from technologies have been used to provide new & enhanced genetic tools to select for LMY & EQ on-farm, ensuring compatibility with the Meat Standards Australia EQ prediction system.

Breeding values for LMY & EQ. ALMTech is evaluating the usefulness of any new measurement technologies and traits for sheep, beef and pork breeding. As appropriate, we will implement these into the genetic evaluation system. ALMTech is facilitating these traits to become available directly from the supply chain, to underpin greater genetic progress.

  • In sheep. Sheep Genetics already routinely reports several Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) and indexes for these traits.

  • In beef. BREEDPLAN already routinely reports a number of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and indexes for these traits.

  • In pork. PIGBLUP and other pig genetic evaluation systems already routinely report a number of EBVs and indexes for these traits.

Enhanced feedback to livestock producers. ALMTech works directly with supply chains to support the adoption of objective carcase measurement technologies. Across all of the ALMTech Programs, we support businesses to install, calibrate and use devices for improved precision and accuracy of LMY and EQ measurement. We also work with supply chains to improve the way that this information is used, within the business and as reported back to producers, through both in-house systems and industry-wide systems, like MLA’s Livestock Data Link.

Livestock Data Link

What are Estimated Breeding Values?

What are Australian Sheep Breeding Values?

What is Livestock Data Link?
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