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Program 5
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Program 5

Information systems

​The main drivers of red meat carcase profitability along the supply chain from carcase acquisition to retail sale can be difficult to identify and require tools to analyse what-if scenarios, to assess where efficiencies can be achieved. The Beef Carcase Value Calculator, Lamb Carcase Value Calculator and Carcase Optimisation Tool were developed to enable red meat processors to define the true value of each carcase within their business, and to optimise market-specific carcase use, based upon predicted cut weights prior to carcase fabrication.

Lamb & Beef Carcase Value Calculators.
The Lamb Carcase Value Calculator (LVC) and Beef Carcase Value Calculator (BVC) allow lamb and beef processors, wholesale and retail users to input their carcase data and expenses, then calculate potential profits from different cut specifications. Being able to calculate the different profit potentials of carcases based on different cut options and across the wide range of weight, fat and eating quality of cuts makes the LVC & BVC valuable tools for sheep and beef supply chains.

Beef Value Calculator dashboard.png

Carcase Optimisation Tool output

Carcase Optimisation Tool output run sheet

Carcase Optimisation Tool.
The Carcase Optimisation Tool enables sheep and beef supply chains to capture additional value by allocating the right carcase to the right cut. It aims to do this by improving carcase sortation to achieve greater yield and quality of products processed through the boning room.

Lamb LMY & EQ workshops for producers.
The lamb LMY & EQ workshops develop the capacity of lamb producers to deliver carcases to specification every time by:

  • Understanding LMY, EQ and objective carcase measurement

  • Understanding consumer requirements, processor grids and feedback

  • Developing practical solutions to increase compliance, using genetics, nutrition and management

Workshops are regionally focused and delivered through supply chains using established relationships. They benefit producers by improving capability to deliver lambs to specification, and they benefit processors by building trusted relationships with suppliers on the LMY and EQ journey.

Lamb LMY & EQ workshops for producers

Improving the Lamb LMY manual.
The Lamb LMY manual is a reference for the lamb meat industry to explain LMY% and the factors that influence it. LMY% is an important profit driver for the lamb meat supply chain and, when interpreted in conjunction with EQ, it is an important piece of information for both the supply (production, logistics) and the value (provenance, product development, branding) components of producing sheep meat.

Click here to read more about Improving the Lamb LMY manual.

Improving the Lamb LMY manual

Providing Supply Chain support.
We work directly with supply chains to support the adoption of objective carcase measurement technologies. We support businesses to install, calibrate and use devices for:


  • Improved precision and accuracy of LMY and EQ measurement

  • Compliance to specification (carcase composition, quality and health)

  • Producer feedback to initiate on-farm practice change

  • Optimisation to maximise processor profitability

Click here to access the Beef Value Calculator, Lamb Value Calculator and Optimiser. These tools were developed to enable processors to define the true value of carcases and to optimise market-specific carcase use, based upon predicted cut weights prior to carcase fabrication.

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