ALMTech Publication List


The Impact of Feed Deprivation and Stress at Slaughter on the on the Metabolism and Carcass Yield of Lambs

S.M. Stewart, D.W. Pethick, G.E. Gardner and P. McGilchrist, ICoMST 2017

Fat Prediction Using an Online Dual Energy X-RAY Absorptiometer is Accurate in Genetically Divergent Lambs

S.L. Connaughton, F. Anderson1, K.R. Kelman, A. Williams, S. Starling and G.E Gardner, ICoMST 2017

Can a Nitfom Near Infrared System Predict Laboratory Intramuscular Fat Values?

S.M. Fowler, R. van de Ven, J. Hocking Edwards, G.E. Gardner, D.L. Hopkins and D.W. Pethick, ICoMST 2017

Developing a Dual X-RAY Absorptiometer for Estimating Carcase Fatness in Beef at Abattoir Chain-Speed

G.E. Gardner, J. Peterse, S.E. Starling, J. Cook, M. Shirazi and A. Williams, ICoMST 2017

Predicting Beef Carcase Composition from Weight and Rib Fat Depth

A. Williams, C.G. Jose, P. McGilchrist, B.J. Walmsley, M.J. McPhee, P.L. Greenwood and G.E. Gardner, ICoMST 2017

Predicting Lamb Carcase Composition from Carcase Weight and GR Tissue Depth

A. Williams1, F. Anderson, J. Siddell, D. W. Pethick1, J. E. Hocking Edwards and G.E. Gardner, ICoMST 2017

Intramuscular Fat and Eating Quality in Sheep Meat: A Comparison of American, Chinese and Australian Consumers

R. O’Reilly, L. Pannier, G.E. Gardner, A.J. Garmyn, R.H. Jacob, H. Luo, Q. Meng, M.F. Miller and D.W. Pethick, ICoMST 2017

NIX® A* Value is Associated with Consumer Meat Colour Scores

M.T. Corlett, D.W. Pethick, R.H. Jacob, K.R. Kelman and G.E. Gardner, ICoMST 2017

The Potential for Dual Energy X-RAY Absorptiometry to Predict Lamb Age

F. Anderson, A. Williams, M.D. Boyce, J. Cook and G.E. Gardner, ICoMST 2017

Preliminary Estimation of Fat Depth in the Lamb Short Loin using a Hyperspectral Camera

S. Rahman, P. Quin,D, T. Walsh, T. Vidal-Calleja, M.J. McPhee, E. Toohey, and A. Alempijevic, Animal Production Science, 2018

The value of recording live animal and carcase scan traits for the genetic selection of lean meat yield in lamb 
S.F. Walkom, S.Z.Y. Guy, F. Anderson, G.E. Gardner and D.J. Brown, ICAR 2018